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I’m not sorry that I met you. I’m not sorry that knowing you has made me question everything and that in the darkest of times you’re the one that made me feel most alive. You’ve been a terrible person. You made all the wrong choices, and of all the choices that I have made, this will prove to be the worst one, but I am not sorry that I’m love with you. I love you, Draco. [x]

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you understand me and my need for unstoppable snobby hipster power couples lets get married

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hes such a dork

i wanna sit on his dick

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me: *looks at favorite characters* *wipes away tears* you deserved so much better 

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Favorite Collections: Elie Saab A/W 2012-13

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ALSO i just read dystopia by rizzle and despite the fact that draco fucked another girl while married to hermione which made me cringe so hard i really did like it

someone talk to me about what an amazing hypocritical holier-than-thou snobby hipster couple blair waldorf and dan humphrey would have been im gonna have a heart attack why don’t any of you watch gossip girl


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police officer: you're under arrest for shooting someone in the chest
me: whoever made the rhyme did the crime(:
police officer: haha i have to give you credit for that one dude you're off the hook