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So I pretty much only read one-shots and short fics these days since I never have time to read a full length fic. Anyways, here are some of my faves! Enjoy :) (Btw the texture I used above is not mine, but the manip is)

Beatrice and Benedick Syndrome by yesterday4 (PG-13)

Blush by aprilonfebruary (T)

Breathe by Argosy (T)

Broken Heart by superscar (T)

Cake by Flaming Moth of Doom (M)

Celestial Navigation by phlox (M)

Checkmate by Slivovitz (T) *sequel to King Me*

Come Dowsed in Mud by Tarie (M)

Fireworks by Maz (R)

Fourth Time’s The Charm by atalanta84 (MT)

Gift Advice by Musyc (T)

Hex Before Sex by CaptainEilonwyUnseen (MA)

Holly Hijinx by scarlettcat (M)

How to Hold Sway by Dayang Lucilla (PT)

I Know What I Like by drcjsnider (M)

June Fifth by ScarlettSunshine (T)

Just One Yesterday by InfinitePatronus (MA)

King Me by Slivovitz (T)

Lost and Found by Anuna (M)

Mr & Mrs Malfoy by phlox (MA)

Match-point by dormiensa (MT)

Malfoys always end up on top by shiv5468 (R)

Making Magic by MiHnn (PT)

Muffins by Flaming Moth of Doom (MT)

Numbers by NoMittens (M)

Of Beauty by emeraldoni (PT)

Operation Cheer Up Granger (But Don’t Die Trying) by LostMaeblleshire (T)

One or More by MiHnn (MA)

One hot afternoon by lyimee_lisa (T)

Perfect Traditions by darkmorsmordreheart (M)

Pics or It Didn’t Happen by sunnyjune46 (PG-13)

Pervigilio by attica (T)

Side to Side by riptey (T)

Teamwork by Hanako A (T)

Tempest by xfsista (MA)

Through Trial and Error by adriennelouise (PG-13)

the clock is slow by vincetsemper (Explicit)

The Confession by cherryghostzero (R)

The Fight by Chocolateveela (M)

The Fourth Time’s A Charm by yesterday4 (T)

The Kitty Conundrum by emeraldoni (PT)

The Love Doctor by naeryna (T)

The Matchmaker by kataclysmic (R)

The Scent of Jasmine by pagan (T)

The Written Word by MiHnn (M)

The Boomerang Effect by atalanta84 (M)

The Devil is in the Cocktails by UnseenLibrarian (M)

The Skeleton in the Closet by Geeky-DMHG-Fan (T)

Upholding the Law by frostykitten (T)

When Strange Things Happen by jen3227 (M)

When Tomorrow Comes by provocative envy (M)

With Teeth by provocative_envy (M)

You Made Me Love You by anon (T)

You’ll Never Know by strawberrykait (M)

"If it were up to me I’d marry you right now. I’d start my life with you. We’d go out and buy that piece of land you want, build a cute little house. Have sex, cuddle by the fireplace and eat breakfast together the next morning. Go to work, and rush to get home just so we could see each other. Eventually have babies, and fight over who’s parents we’re naming them after. Buy our first dog. Celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Get in those bad fights, but make up after a day or so. Continue to surprise each other, watch the sunset from our front porch every now and then. Watch our babies graduate and start their lives. Retire. Meet our grandbabies. Hold each other every night and never forget the love that started this all.
If it were up to me, I’d start that adventure with you right now."




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If you like fall out boy or panic! at the disco or my chemical romance i will automatically assume you like the other 2

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my life hasn’t been the same since chopped got added to netflix


Pros of wearing all black: looks so badass

Cons: everyone knows I had powdered donuts

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hella-rad--and-sad asked: Do you know any good Draco and Hermione fanfiction? I love your blog btw 💕

I have a link to my fic recs on my blog! And thank you 😀

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Till we find our place on the circle of life.

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remember in the fallout when draco and hermione were painting that room and draco said that yellow reminded him of puss and stomach bile and then they had a paint fight and ended up having sex against the wall and then hermione didn’t paint over their handprints on the wall and draco didn’t comment on it 😰😰😰😰