Harry Potter Magical Wand


"men don’t like it when women-"


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affection is dumb and gross 
drown me in it

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Dramione + perks quote, requested by malfoysock

more selfies bc i cant control myself


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Title: Howl
Artist: Florence and The Machine
Played: 49399 times
cliophoria asked: Hello! After seeing your YouTube recommendations, I watched a lot of Jacyln Hill's videos and I saw her Sigma brush pack. I don't have any makeup brushes at all, so would that be a good place to begin or is there a different starter kit you'd recommend? Thanks!

her brush kit is definitely really amazing but it isn’t what i would recommend starting your brush collection with because it lacks a lot of the essentials that you would need and it’s a bit pricy for only a handful of brushes tbh but these are some good decently priced starter sets that i like


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never win and never lose,
there's nothing much to choose,
between the right and wrong.
→ lucius malfoy
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Anonymous asked: aw never let me go was my sister & brother in laws first wedding dance song :')

thats literally the sweetest thing ive ever heard omfg

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